Donation Items Needed Most by Homeless Shelters


Donations pic

Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Life Protect 24/7 is a personal emergency response system firm offering both landline and mobile units to its customers. In addition to assisting people through alert devices, Life Protect 24/7 supports disadvantaged families by hosting food and clothing drives for local shelters.

Though people tend to assume food is the most-needed item at their local homeless shelter, many are surprised to learn that other items are even more in-demand. Here are three items frequently requested by shelters.

Socks: Many homeless individuals spend their days walking, and the activity can quickly wear down socks. Because this is not obvious to those who are not experiencing homelessness, socks are rarely donated to shelters and thus are always in demand.

Toys: Homeless shelters are not singularly populated by adults, and the children who call them home often do not have any possessions of their own. Consider making your next toy donation to a homeless shelter to help bring positivity and comfort into the life of a homeless child.

Personal hygiene items: Shelters are always in need of items that facilitate personal care, such as toothbrushes, sanitary pads, shampoo, and deodorant. Purchasing these items in bulk during a store sale can be an efficient way to inexpensively help a large amount of people.


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