About Life Protect 24/7

05-04-2015_11-29-56_LIFE_PROTECT_247_small_logo_no_textFor senior adults who spend time alone, Life Protect 24/7 is an easy-to-use medical alert service. With both landline and mobile monitoring solutions, Life Protect 24/7 can provide vital protection to seniors in their homes or to active seniors who are still on the go. To activate the alert functions, users only need to push the SOS button on their device.

Within a few seconds, the device connects them to experienced care specialists at the company’s monitoring center. When a call comes into the monitoring center, the care specialists discuss the situation with the senior and then reach out to the family, friends, neighbors, or organizations on a pre-authorized contact list to address the senior’s immediate needs. Seniors can specify whether they need a family member to stop by and check on them or whether the situation requires professional attention from police or medical personnel. If the caller cannot speak, the care specialists will dispatch emergency services.

All of Life Protect 24/7 care specialists have received thorough training and are certified by the Central Station Alarm Association. To provide the exceptional support its senior customers need, the company’s monitoring center is open around the clock.


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