How Life Protect 24/7 Care Specialists Respond to Medical Alerts

Medical Emergencies pic
Medical Emergencies

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Life Protect 24/7 is a medical alert company that handles everything from booking sales for medical alert products, delivering the products, activating them, and providing customer service. Thanks to Life Protect 24/7’s devices, customers nationwide are assured of medical attention when they make a call.

When patients or seniors press the SOS button, they are instantly transferred to a care specialist stationed at one of the organization’s medical alert units. The care specialist will then speak to the patient through the mobile unit which has a sensitive speakerphone. The patient can instruct the care specialist to contact a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or even an ambulance, which the specialist will do.

Once the SOS button is pressed, calls do not go directly to 911. However, care specialists can call 911 if the patient instructs them to do so. The procedure the care specialists follow once a call is made will be determined solely by the patient. In fact, once a cellular unit is purchased, the patient can input specific instructions into the program which care specialists will follow once the SOS button is pressed. The medical alert facilities operate around the clock to handle emergency calls whenever they are made.


Life Monitoring Units Offer Peace of Mind

Life Monitoring Units pic
Life Monitoring Units

Life Protect 24/7 provides life monitoring units to seniors. With the push of a button, Life Protect 24/7 units connect to a network of monitoring centers where trained specialists can dispatch any kind of help needed in an emergency.

Life monitoring units are perhaps most used by seniors in the case of a fall or other emergency that keeps them from getting to a phone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one in every three adults over the age of 65 will fall in any given year. For seniors, falls can be debilitating, and the longer they lie waiting for help, the more severe the possible complications.

Life monitoring units can be worn as a pendant around the neck, or clipped to clothing. When a user pushes the button, the unit calls a monitoring center where operators assess the problem, and send the necessary emergency responders.

Just having the monitoring unit can offer peace of mind to the user and their family. According to AARP, life monitoring units encourage more freedom among seniors. They may move around more because they’re less afraid of the consequences of falling. In turn, their families know their loved ones won’t be stranded in case of emergency.

Three Reasons to Purchase a Responder Cellular Mobile Unit

Responder Cellular Mobile Unit pic
Responder Cellular Mobile Unit

The key to handling many of the scariest moments in life is by being prepared. While you can’t always know what the day will bring, you can work to ensure you have the best devices for protection. At Life Protect 24/7, it’s our business to assist you in feeling at peace by providing you with tools that can help. One device that is ideal for some of these incidences is a responder cellular mobile unit.

Here some facts you should know about the unit:

1. Battery recharge – In order to use this unit, you will need to rely on the battery. This is easily rechargeable and typically lasts up to two months.

2. Lightweight – You don’t want to be weighted down when carrying an emergency device around and the good news is this one is lightweight.

3. Use inside or outdoors – It’s easy to use the responder cellular mobile unit inside the house or while you’re working in the yard.

Don’t let life overwhelm you in nerve-wracking situations. Take charge and get this device today to allow you to have more peace and less stress.